About us

The Building Futures collective is a research and learning hub for all those interested in built environment adaptation.  

How society takes apart its buildings and reconfigures them for new use will help define the future city. In this challenge, we also see an opportunity. Through innovative research and an authentic learning environment, the mission of the Building Futures collective is to contribute to this stewardship of the built environment.

Who we are

Dr Kevin Muldoon-Smith

I am a Lecturer in Built Environment Adaptation and Investment in the Department of Architecture and Built Environment at Northumbria University and co-founder of R3intelligence Consultancy. After several years working in the field of urban regeneration, I completed a doctorate in building obsolescence and adaptive re-use in 2015 before taking up a full-time Lectureship at Northumbria University in 2016.

Dr Leo Moreton


Department: Architecture and Built Environment

Our global gallery presents examples of adaptive re-use from around the world.